Volkswagen Vento (Polo Sedan) Review.

August 22, 2010
Ivan Hirst

Ivan Hirst.

In September 1949 a sealed envelope came addressed to a British REME Officer named Ivan Hirst which rewrote the history of industrial production in Germany. Earlier that year Officer Hirst found an ingenious way of using a bombed out factory to address the shortage of light vehicles for the transportation requirements of the British Army stationed in Germany. This dilapidated production facility later went on to become a symbol for the entire Germany. It became immediately clear after the long and immensely perilous war, the German people were ready to move on from a flawed ideology that scarred their country as well as their day to day lives to build a better future for their country and their children. The morale and resilience of the post-war Germany reflected among the people who worked for this facility. They built cars in a building with no roof. The cars they built were better than the ones produced by the workers working in an intact roofed factory in Bristol or Detroit.

Volkswagen Berlin Factory.

Hard Work.

The modest products churned out by a war ravaged country became a sudden rage all around the world. The cute little machines were tough, reliable and cheap. But the people behind those elegant products did not have everything on their plates. Even after six months going into producing cars at a rate of 1000 per month which was impressive even by today’s standards, the car factory had to rely on a barter system where they sold newly finished cars for steel. For a nation with an economy that was predominantly run on American cigarettes, this factory became an inspiration for people who believed in a better future.

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Honda gets wet dreaming earth

February 28, 2007

(Tells Formula One to go Green since the team has no sponsors):

The best thing about the Apple Inc’s commercials is that they never shout the name Apple a thousand times till the whole audience goes mad trying to forget what they heard on TV. It’s usually a “class” act and you never have a fucking clue that the whole ad is for the Apple Inc till you see the ending of the act. Well the imagination of Apple ad designers can very well be related to the rebel nature of the Apple Inc. It has significantly less market capital than it’s retarded, estranged, big (make it large) step brother Microsoft. Still Apple leads innovation, delivers a lot of “user friendly” and “functional products” and still manages to find time to rebuke its retarded big brother (I know its kind of harsh).

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