Mercedes has shoddy service in India: Proof!



After years of constant complaints with Mercedes Benz dealership regarding a possible defective product in the first place Sudeep Aggarwal, decided to take things to his own hands. In a fit of rage precipitated by the apathetic behavior of the service center personnels, he drove his defective Mercedes into the showroom.

Bangalore: Annoyed at the remarks made by showroom staff about his driving, a city-based builder drove his Mercedes Benz in the showroom and damaged three other cars that were parked inside for display.

Based on the complaint by the Deputy General Manager of Sundaram Motors, Jacob Epen Sam, on Kasturba Road, the Cubbon Park police have are looking for the accused, Sudeep K Agarwal.

In his complaint, Sam said that Agarwal, who purchased his Mercedes Benz two years ago, had come to get his car serviced on Wednesday.

Agarwal demanded a courtesy car until he got his car back, but the service in-charge refused, citing non-availability.

A livid Agarwal threatened the staffer that if the car were not provided to him within 15 minutes, he would ransack the showroom. He then called the customer relations manager, threatening him with dire consequences.

Suddenly, before the showroom employee could react, Agarwal got behind the wheel, and drove rashly inside the showroom, damaging three cars that were on display in the showroom.

It was sheer panic in the showroom as the showroom foreman, Chandrahas Shetty, had a close shave.

However, before Agarwal could crash the car into an expensive Mercedes Benz on display outside the showroom, the employees managed to get hold of the ignition key. Agarwal, however, managed to escape.

‘Fault is in you’

Preliminary investigations by the police have revealed that Agarwal was complaining about a technical problem with his newly purchased Benz right from the beginning.

His complaint that he was sensing left pull and every service he got done, had failed to rectify the problem.

Though Agarwal had asked the showroom to replace the car, offering to pay the difference amount, the employees had turned it down, saying the fault was not with the car but with Agarwal’s driving.

When Agarwal reportedly called senior showroom officials, they gave him the same reply, blaming his driving, which enraged Agarwal.

Booked for crashing

“We have summoned Agarwal for interrogation and he will be booked,” said Sub-Inspector Ajay MR of Cubbon Park police station.

“He could have approached the consumer court to get his problem redressed instead of taking the law in his hands,” he said.

Despite repeated attempts, Agarwal was unavailable for comment.



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