1987 Land Rover 90 Rescued.

Land Rover 90

Land Rover 90

A passionate Land Rover enthusiast after his 15 year search for his dream machine, finally discovered a Land Rover Defender 90 assembled in Solihull, Warwickshire, England somewhere in Gangtok, Sikkim.This particular vehicle has been poorly maintained and was in dire need of attention before this enthusiast discovered it. The vehicle according to the author of this post from Team-BHP, is currently undergoing restorations to its former glory and might need a transfer case.

Car and Driver Reviews the Land Rover Defender 90

Car and Driver Reviews the Land Rover Defender 90

For the new comers Land Rover Defender 90 started its production in 1983, and was assembled in England, Malaysia and Turkey. The vehicle had its intial badging as Land Rover 90, but after the introduction of the Land Rover Discovery, the badging was changed to Defender 90.

The excerpts from the post is as follows:

I still remember the first time I drove a Land Rover 90. It was way back in 1995 on a rainy day in June. I had gone to a Garage in Kothamangalam near Cochin to fix the roll cage and metal cabin for my first Gypsy. The previous owner was a rally driver who use to participate in many INRC rally’s including the famous Popular Rally. I bought his Gypsy in soft top condition but when I mentioned him about my rally dreams he offered me his roll cage and rally cabin and many more accessories. After finishing the deal I went to his garage to get the rally stuff fixed. While I was getting the Gypsy done the chief mechanic drove in with bright red Land Rover 90. I was so happy to see one Land Rover 90 in real. I was so excited that I couldn’t resist asking for a a test drive in that and the mechanic agreed. It had a i4 diesel motor. Wow.. what an experience. The drive lasted for only 6-8 kilometers but the memories lasted for a life time.
Ever since that incident I have been looking out for a Land Rover to buy in India. After getting a job and with the help of internet my search for a Land Rover become more intense,. I kept searching for years and years without any luck. Mean while I bought a Land Rover Discovery in UAE. After using it for few weeks I was so impressed with it which made me more determined to get a LR in India.

Few months back, with help of internet and various automotive forums I located a LR 90 which is in good condition. And to make the long story short on August 15 2010 I became a proud owner of a Land Rover 90 / Defender 90.

Currently It is not in its best condition and requires some rebuild/restoration which makes me even more happy.I am planning to get all the mechanicals fixed first and then to build it up. Regarding the mods, I have some ideas in my mind and will be sharing with you in due course.

Link from Team-BHP


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