Honda gets wet dreaming earth

February 28, 2007

(Tells Formula One to go Green since the team has no sponsors):

The best thing about the Apple Inc’s commercials is that they never shout the name Apple a thousand times till the whole audience goes mad trying to forget what they heard on TV. It’s usually a “class” act and you never have a fucking clue that the whole ad is for the Apple Inc till you see the ending of the act. Well the imagination of Apple ad designers can very well be related to the rebel nature of the Apple Inc. It has significantly less market capital than it’s retarded, estranged, big (make it large) step brother Microsoft. Still Apple leads innovation, delivers a lot of “user friendly” and “functional products” and still manages to find time to rebuke its retarded big brother (I know its kind of harsh).

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Mahindra’s (not so straight) middle class dream:

February 22, 2007

Capt Cmonman: So tell me sergeant who killed lady Indigo: what is his name?

Sergeant M’nM: His name is Logan sir…. The brave Mr. Logan…

Capt: So well tell me more about this Logan fella?

Sergeant M’nM: We hear he was trained in Romania, Iran, USSR, Colombia…. But beware Capt… Once you see him you can never tell him he is from the European continent….he is just like one among us… sly little son of a bitch! His father is a war veteran from France and his mother is from Romania- daughter of a powerful communist leader who defied communism- bravest lady of Romania.

Capt: Well but its rather surprising…. Where did all the iDEAs and luminescence from Italy go? They were supposed to protect lady Indigo?

Sergeant M’nM: I suppose they are no longer in love with the lady Indigo! BTW …. I have news for you Capt- I am already married to Mr. Logan!

Capt: Sergeant what kind of ludicrous crap you are uttering? Oh…no you f@#$ a@# h*&% ….. Now I will have to start loving you both…. To be contd.

What happens when French tries to sell red wine to masses? Will it taste like water…. Hmm I don’t know but I know one thing for sure- if they sell cars for the masses it is bland. Their artistry in sheet metals and exotic award winning designs are in the back burner so is their Clio (Clio= Latin: Fame)!

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